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Perspectives on Brand Management

Perspectives on Brand Management

Editor: Mark D Uncles
ISBN: 9780734610652 / 978-0-7346-1065-2
Price: A$59.95 NZ$71.95 US$49.95
Binding: Softcover
Trim: 200 x 250 mm   330 pp 
Copyright: 2011

Perspectives on Brand Management has been designed for students of brand management, whether they are studying formally at postgraduate, MBA or undergraduate level, or already working in the dynamic and challenging field of brand management. This book, acknowledging the complex reality of differing perspectives within the field of brand management, incorporates several distinct features:

  • Different perspectives are presented - as we can only begin to gain a complete picture of contemporary brand management by looking at the subject through different lenses.
  • Recent research is assembled to inform the discussion, since brand management, like other aspects of business, is being challenged and re-shaped by digital technologies, globalisation, and other forces of change.
  • Throughout, the tone is critical and questioning. Readers are encouraged to think critically about the different perspectives.
  • The multi-disciplinary character of brand management is fully recognised. To achieve business success, we must draw upon the insights offered by other disciplines including: marketing, advertising, design, law, accounting, statistics, and social psychology.
  • Coverage is global. Examples are drawn from around the world, and the principles discussed are as likely to resonate with audiences in any one nation as any other - even though contexts may vary.
Twenty-five leading researchers have contributed, drawn from the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia and Japan. Their perspectives are varied; their views are challenging.

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Perspectives on Brand Management
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Part I: Brand Perspectives

Chapter 1 - Perspectives and paradigms in brand management
Chapter 2 - Brand equity
Chapter 3 - Brand manifold

Part II: Brand Management

Chapter 4 - Brand positioning
Chapter 5 - Understanding brand performance measures
Chapter 6 - Predictable patterns in buyer behaviour and brand metrics
Chapter 7 - A model of brand salience
Chapter 8 - Co-branding
Chapter 9 - Employer brands
Chapter 10 - Business-to-business brand management
Chapter 11 - Legal aspects of brand management
Chapter 12 - Brand evolution and demise

Part III: Brand Futures

Chapter 13 - Emerging brands
Chapter 14 - Consumers’ relationships with brands
Chapter 15 - Experiential branding
Chapter 16 - Brand authenticity
Chapter 17 - Shifting brands


Mark D Uncles
is Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean Undergraduate in the School of Marketing at the University of NSW. He has taught at all levels of tertiary education, including bachelor, specialist masters and MBA programs, doctoral programs, non-degree certificate courses, open executive programs and company-specific executive courses.

Mark is Area Editor for the Journal of Product and Brand Management and for the Australian Journal of Management. He is on the Board of the International Journal of Research in Marketing, the Journal of Brand Management, the Journal of Empirical Generalizations in Marketing, the Australasian Journal of Marketing, the Journal of International Consumer Marketing, and the Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice.


Mark D Uncles, University of NSW
Shuhaida Md Noor, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Chris Styles, University of Sydney
Elizabeth Cowley, University of Sydney
Pierre Berthon, Bentley College, Boston, USA
Morris B Holbrook , Columbia University, USA
James M Hulbert , Professor, Columbia University, USA
Leyland F Pitt, Graduate School of Business,
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
John R Rossiter, University of Wollongong
John Dawes, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of SA
Julian Vieceli, Deakin University
Robin N Shaw, Deakin University
Pascale Quester, University of Adelaide
Lara Moroko, School of Marketing, University of NSW
Mark S Glynn, AUT University, New Zealand
Andrew Terry, UNSW
Colin Jevons, Monash University
Mike Ewing, Monash University
Lydia Windisch, Monash University
John Zeigler, DDB Asia Pacific, Japan & India
Susan Fournier, Boston University, USA
Bill Merrilees, Griffith University
Dale Miller, Griffith University
Michael Beverland, RMIT
Robert Aitken, University of Otago, New Zealand