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Illustrating Statistical Procedures

Illustrating Statistical Procedures

Ray W Cooksey
ISBN: 9780734610454 / 978-0-7346-1045-4
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Binding: Softcover
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Copyright: 2007

The aim of this text is to provide a set of descriptions for various statistical procedures as they are applied in the conduct of business, behavioural and social science research.

The text provides a conceptual overview of each procedure’s purpose, use and application. Also included are discussions of some of the most important and fundamental statistical concepts which underpin many of the methods explored. To apply this knowledge, information about currently available computer software to carry out specific statistical procedures is included. This text is not designed to teach statistics, but will instead acquaint students with important concepts and procedures as a precursor to other learning.

Learning about statistics is a stressful activity for many people. This text is designed to painlessly acquaint students, beginning researchers and statistical novices with a wide range of analytical possibilities. Through straightforward descriptions and concrete illustrations, the text explores procedures ranging from the simple (e.g., graphs and correlations) to the complex (e.g., structural equation models and time series analysis). Readers will learn which of the analysis tools is best to apply for a given situation.

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Illustrating Statistical Procedures
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Chapter 1 - The logic and language of statistical analysis

Chapter 2 - Measurement scales in quantitative research

Chapter 3 - Computer packages for analysing quantitative data

Chapter 4 - Example research context and quantitative data set

Chapter 5 - Descriptive statistics for summarising data

Chapter 6 - Correlational statistics for characterising relationships

Chapter 7 - Inferential statistics for hypothesis testing

Chapter 8 - Other commonly-used statistical procedures

Chapter 9 - Specialised statistical procedures

Appendix A - A primer on basic mathematics, statistical notation and formulas for measures
Appendix B - General analytical sequences for multivariate investigations

Professor Ray W Cooksey is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Decision Making in the New England Business School at the University of New England. He earned his PhD in Psychology from Colorado State University in 1981. Since his appointment to UNE in 1982, he has taught and conducted research as a member of departments in three faculties, including the Faculty of Education (Centre for Behavioural Studies in Education; 1982-1989), Faculty of Arts (Department of Psychology; 1990-1993) and the Faculty of Economics, Business & Law (School of Marketing & Management, then the New England Business School; 1994-present). This background has provided him with a unique multi-disciplinary perspective on human behaviour as well as on research methods and approaches to data analysis.

Ray has an established international reputation in the area of human judgment research, and wrote an important reference text for the field of judgment analysis (Judgment Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications, Academic Press) in 1996. His reputation extends to the areas of complexity science as it applies to organisations and human behaviour, managerial decision making, organisational behaviour and human resource management. He is also an acknowledged expert in research methodology, survey design and statistical analysis of behavioural and social science data.

Ray actively publishes in the research methods area, and has been a methodological/statistical consultant for a number of educational and business-related projects. In 1996 he also won the inaugural UNE Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, primarily for his student-friendly teaching of statistics and methods. Ray also regularly contributes to doctoral workshops on methodology for the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), a professional academy in which he served as President during 2003 and of which he is now a Distinguished Member. Ray is currently Associate Editor for the Journal of Management & Organisation and is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Behavioural Decision Making and Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes. He has supervised PhD and masters students in a variety of disciplines, including education, psychology, organisational behaviour, human resource management and psychometrics.