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Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development
Managing Learning and Knowledge Capital

Brian Delahaye
ISBN: 9780734611031 / 978-0-7346-1103-1
Price: A$74.95 NZ$89.95 US$59.95
Binding: Softcover
Trim: 190 x 245 mm   564 pp 
Copyright: 2011

Human Resource Development: Managing Learning & Knowledge Capital covers adult learning theories, human resource development and knowledge management while presenting a number of unique models e.g. the Hierarchy of Learning Outcomes, the Interview Pattern, Holistic Adult Learning and on Knowledge Management. In addition, it has a 19 page case study which is referenced two ways - text body to case study and case study to text body.

This third edition includes: a new chapter on organisational culture, a new model linking the major theories of adult learning, and an integrated model describing the process of managing knowledge in an organisation. Also new are models - based on new research - on learning in the workplace, on workplace learning, and on work integrated learning. Youth learners, older learners, and the implications of national culture on adult learning are also addressed, as well as e-learning and blended learning.

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Human Resource Development
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Chapter 1 - Introduction to HRD

Chapter 2 - Adult learning

Chapter 3 - Individual differences in adult learning

Chapter 4 - An overview of HRD needs investigation

Chapter 5 - Performance appraisal and career development

Chapter 6 - Interviewing and focus groups

Chapter 7 - Design - the two main considerations

Chapter 8 - Other design considerations

Chapter 9 - Implementing the structured learning strategies

Chapter 10 - Implementing the unstructured learning strategies

Chapter 11 - Evaluation

Chapter 12 - Workplace learning

Chapter 13 - Creating and embedding knowledge

Chapter 14 - The management of knowledge

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Brian Delahaye (PhD, MBA, BBus) is Associate Professor, Adult and Workplace Learning in the School of Professional Studies at the Queensland University of Technology. Prior to taking up this position, he had been a Personnel Manager, Senior Training Officer, Staff Development Officer and an Administration Manager with Telecom Australia as well as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management in the School of Management at the Queensland University of Technology.

Brian’s research, including his doctoral thesis, has concentrated on self-directed learning, developing human resource developers, and the management of knowledge capital. He has published over 30 articles in national and international refereed journals and has written numerous text books. He consults widely with commercial, non-profit and government organisations on the management of change, managing knowledge, management development, and human resource development.