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How to stop your workplace going pear shaped

How to Stop Your Workplace Going Pear Shaped
Readings in HR Risk Mitigation

Martha Knox-Haly
ISBN: 9780734610621 / 978-0-7346-1062-1
Price: A$29.95 NZ$39.95 US$24.95
Binding: Softcover
Trim: 250 x 200 mm   108 pp 
Copyright: 2008

How to Stop Your Workplace Going Pear Shaped is a distillation of the author’s twenty years experience as a researcher, consultant, organisational psychologist and employer. The experiences are based on years of investigating the fascinating living entities that are workplaces, and on the privilege of being able to speak to thousands of Australian workers and managers.

The text is an eclectic one, drawing on research and experience in the areas of occupational stress, organisational development, business strategy and case law.

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How to Stop Your Workplace Going Pear Shaped
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Chapter 1 - An introduction to HR risk mitigation

Chapter 2 - Recruitment - why bother getting it right?

Chapter 3 - From bullying to business busting

Chapter 4 - Management of mental health conditions at work

Chapter 5 - Performance management and termination from the organisation

Chapter 6 - Final analysis

Martha Knox-Haly is a registered psychologist in the state of NSW, and is a full member of the College of Organisational Psychologists. Prior to registration in 1995, Ms Knox-Haly was employed as a Senior Researcher in the Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Teaching at Sydney University. She has provided guest lectures at Sydney University, Macquarie University, the University of Western Sydney, and is a part-time lecturer in Strategic Human Resources at Sydney University. Ms Knox-Haly has been writing about occupational stress and organisations for twenty years.

Ms Knox-Haly completed her MBA in 2006 and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program with the Department of Work and Organisational Studies, Sydney University. Her doctorate focuses on ‘The link between economic rationalism and stress claims in the NSW public sector’.

Ms Knox-Haly has extensive experience as a practitioner in managing, assessing and understanding the relationships between clinical psychological conditions and workplace management systems. Her particular areas of specialisation are the prevention of occupational stress, the prevention of bullying and performance management systems.