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Case Studies in Global Management

Case Studies in Global Management
Strategy, Innovation and People

Editors: Tony Dundon & Adrian Wilkinson
ISBN: 9780734611130 / 978-0-7346-1113-0
Price: A$55.95 NZ$67.95 US$45.95
Binding: Softcover
Trim: 200 x 250   346 pp 
Copyright: 2012

Case Studies in Global Management: Strategy, Innovation and People Management provides undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA-level students with a bank of evidence-based case studies. Derived from scholarly research, these cases are contemporary and relevant examples from people management, corporate strategy, innovation studies, organisational analysis, and learning and development, and cover different sectors, countries, occupations and experiences.

The style is critical and pragmatic. Part I consists of five cases that cover the issues of strategy and strategic management in some detail. Part II contains five cases and stresses the importance of understanding the process or system of innovation as a journey. Part III includes five cases concerned with change and culture, where the transfer and acquisition of knowledge is crucial. Part IV groups five cases that bridge variable aspects of management leadership. Part V has seven cases, each reporting on the use of application of different HRM practices and strategies, while Part VI includes eight cases dedicated to specific global aspects of innovation and people management.

This casebook can be used as an accompanying text for in-class learning, assessment papers and presentations, or as a case study examination tool. It will also be informative reading for real-world managers and business leaders.

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Case Studies in Global Management
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Chapter 1 - Integrating innovation, strategy and people management

PART I - Strategy and strategic management

Chapter 2 - Bulmers Original Cider 

Chapter 3 - A study in organisational analysis & organisational development

Chapter 4 - Human resource strategy at The Coffee Club Group

Chapter 5 - Technology adoption drivers in health care supply chain networks

Chapter 6 - Rigidity as a cause and effect in SME business failure

PART II - Corporate innovation
Chapter 7 - Dynamic capability in action at PharmaCorp

Chapter 8 - Innovation & public policy 

Chapter 9 - Empowering medical practitioners to innovate

Chapter 10 - Applying innovation in information systems management

Chapter 11 - Becoming an innovative learning organisation

PART III - Integration, culture and change management

Chapter 12 - Changing organizational hierarchies

Chapter 13 - In for the long haul? 

Chapter 14 - Workplace wellness within a university framework

Chapter 15 - Age discrimination at Virgin Blue Airlines
Chapter 16 - Understanding change
PART IV - Management leadership

Chapter 17 - Leadership during change at Qantas

Chapter 18 - Managing leadership talent in creative industries
Chapter 19 - Leading change at the Defence Signals Directorate

Chapter 20 - Leadership & motivational challenges in the IT sector

Chapter 21 - Transformational leadership in a public sector agency

PART V - People management and HRM

Chapter 22 - McDonald's UK
Chapter 23 - ‘Unhappy families'  

Chapter 24 - Line managers & employee voice in restaurants

Chapter 25 - Union & non-union employee representation
Chapter 26 - Learning on the job in UK TV production

Chapter 27 - Diversity & policing 

Chapter 28 - High performance work in a multi-stakeholder context

PART VI - Global innovation, strategy and people management
Chapter 29 - Reuters: HRM in a global perspective

Chapter 30 - Implementing HRM within multinational corporations

Chapter 31 - Managing international talent in a highly decentralised multinational enterprise

Chapter 32 - From local to global 

Chapter 33 - Managing diverse workgroups in Islamic cultures

Chapter 34 - Strategy and people management in China

Chapter 35 - Emiratization 

Chapter 36 - Survival and outsourcing in the South African clothing and textiles industry


Tony Dundon
is Senior Lecturer in employment relations and HRM at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His research interests include international and comparative systems of employee voice, representation, and trade union organisation , and he is co-Editor-in-Chief of the Human Resource Management Journal.

Adrian Wilkinson is Professor of Employment Relations at Griffith University in QLD, Australia. His research interests include employee participation and voice, and international and comparative employment. He is also Associate Editor for the Human Resource Management Journal.

Contributors include:

Hani G Abdalla, Reasearch Triangle Institute, Abu Dhabi . Professor Rowena Barrett, Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia . Dr Vikram Bhakoo, University of Melbourne . Christine Bischoff, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa . Professor Paul Boselie, Utrecht University, The Netherlands . Professor Chris Brewster, Henley Business School . Georgina Caillard, Deakin University . Craig Cardinal, Defence Signals Directorate . Amy L Collins, Griffith University . Professor Fang Lee Cooke, RMIT and Manchester University . Jimmy Donaghey, Associate Professor, Warwick Business School, UK . Dr Niall Cullinane, Queen's University Belfast . Dr Jimmy Donaghey, Warwick Business School . Dr Rory Donnelly, Birmingham Business School, UK . Lisa Callagher, University of Auckland . Ben French, Griffith University . Professor Roy Green, UTS, Sydney Australia  . Professor Irena Grugulis, Bradford University, UK . Dr Rachel Hilliard,  National University of Ireland, Galway . Professor Kenneth Husted,  Auckland University, NZ . Professor Kate Hutchings, Griffith University . Dr Glen Jenkins, Swansea Metropolitan University . Professor Peter Jordan, Griffith University, QLD Australia . Ashlea Kellner, Griffith University, QLD Australia . Associate Professor Linzi Kemp, The American University of Sharjah . Eva Knies, Utrecht University . Anastasia Kynighou, University of Cyprus . Professor Peter Leisink, Utrecht University . Dr Teresa Marchant, Griffith University, QLD Australia . Professor Mick Marchington, Manchester University . Dr Alma McCarthy, National University of Ireland, Galway . Dr Anthony McDonnell, University of South Australia . Dr Ruth McPhail, Griffith University . Associate Professor Jane Murray, Bond University, QLD Australia . Dr Olav Muurlink, Griffith University . Dr David O'Sullivan, National University of Ireland, Galway . Professor Ashly H Pinnington, The British University in Dubai . Dr Paul Ryan, National University of Ireland, Galway . Dr Don Scott-Kemmis, University of Sydney, Australa . Professor Hugh Scullion, National University of Ireland, Galway . Professor Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University . Dr Dimitrinka Stoyanova, University of St Andrews . Dr Jane Suter, University of York . Dr Ebrahim Soltani, Kent University, UK . Dr Margaret Tallot, National University of Ireland, Galway . Dr Stephen Taylor, Senior Lecturer. Manchester Metro. University, UK . Dr Herman Tse, Griffith University, QLD Australia . Dr Keith Townsend, Griffith University . Professor Julie Wolfram Cox,  Deakin University, Australia . Professor Geoff Wood, University of Sheffield . Professor Les Worrall, Professor, University of Coventry, UK . Associate Professor Rachid Zeffane, University of Sharjah