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CSR Policy


As a publisher in the areas of ethics and corporate social responsibility, TUP is keen to hold itself to the highest standards.

Print books  

TUP is in the process of acquiring FSC certification. FSC certification promotes sustainable forest management in countries worldwide. It supports stakeholder engagement in the forest management process, and brings social, environmental and economic benefits. Learn more by visiting www.fsc.org.

Digital publishing  

TUP has always sought to minimise its carbon footprint. In our internal processes, we strive to recycle and to maximise the use of digital technologies where appropriate. In 2011, TUP is releasing ebooks and digital versions of selected works - where appropriate and while respecting and protecting copyright – to expand the readership for the educational works of TUP authors.

Awaken Mozambique

TUP contributes to the Awaken Mozambique project – a charitable incorporated association undertaking micro-finance projects in Mozambique.

Awaken Mozambique was founded by Dr Carol Dalglish in 2008. It creates employment for people in Beira, Mozambique - one of the ten poorest countries in the world. In Beira there is virtually no employment, and has one of the biggest slums in Africa. The population of Mozambique is about the same as Australia’s, and yet over half of the people (i.e. 11 million people) live on less than a dollar a day, and fewer than 10 per cent of children complete high school. 

A donation of A$200 can establish a business that will feed and educate a family - bringing hope, self-esteem and pride. The Awaken Mozambique project is about sustainable development over the long term. Visit the project’s website at www.awakenmozambique.org to find out more.